Unreleased Pokémon Collection • Competitive • 6IVs


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Pokéfella Unreleased Pokémon Collection

They are already in the game but with a few restrictions, and we understand you want them released shiny, but the game just won't let them be shiny yet. So here's a bundle of unreleased Pokémon we have curated for your pleasure. Whether for personal collection in your box or your companion in your Galar adventure, they sure make for a good addition to your dex. They come in Level 100, perfects IVs with fully trained EVs (510), and all Dynamax level maxed out (10).

This bundle includes the following 23 Pokémon:

  1. shiny Galarian Articuno
  2. shiny Galarian Zapdos
  3. shiny Galarian Moltres
  4. shiny Volcanion
  5. shiny Victini
  6. shiny Keldeo (Ordinary)
  7. shiny Keldeo (Resolute)
  8. shiny Cosmog (Level 5 with 0 EVs in all stat, so you can build and train it however you want)
  9. shiny Cosmoem (Level 99 with 0 EVs in all stat, so you only need one more leveling up for them to be maxed level)
  10. shiny Magearna (Normal)
  11. shiny Magearna (Original)
  12. shiny Marshadow
  13. shiny Gigantamax Melmetal
  14. shiny Zacian
  15. shiny Zamazenta
  16. shiny Eternatus
  17. shiny Kubfu (Level 10 with 0 EVs in all stat, so you can build and train it however you want)
  18. shiny Urshifu (Single Strike)
  19. shiny Urshifu (Rapid Strike)
  20. shiny Zarude (Normal)
  21. shiny Glastrier
  22. shiny Spectrier
  23. shiny Calyrex

Update: Pokemon Home rejects Zarude Dada form, both non-shiny and shiny. Hence they are excluded in this list.

Important Notes:

  • The Pokémon in this bundle, as they are technically illegal, cannot be used online for raids, trades and battles, thus they can only be transferred to you via Pokémon HOME. (Shiny Galarian Legendary Birds however can pass through online trading, but use them at your own risk.)
  • For shinies, they will all come in square shiny.
  • Some Pokémon may only have 5 perfect IVs to make way for special builds, such as 0 IV for Speed for Trick Room.
  • Although technically illegal, they are safe to own and would not get any user banned.
  • Once owned, we recommend storing them in your game's PC rather than keeping them in Home as we cannot predict Nintendo's action if they may be able to detect hackmons in the future and decides to delete them. In the event that any delete happens in the future, we will NOT offer any refunds of any sort.


In this method, we need that you trust us with the process of transferring the mons to your HOME account.


  1. Send us your Nintendo Online account (you can make a temporary password if your original password is dear to you).
  2. The staff assigned to your order will make a new user account on his Switch, then link your account to it.
  3. The staff will transfer all the Pokémon into your HOME account.
  4. Change your HOME account password for your security after you have checked the transfer.

You must have a Premium Plan on your Pokémon HOME for this service to work.

Reminder: When ordering mons in Pokefella Build, some Moves and Held Items will be altered (upon genner's discretion) if they are not available in your game version in which they will be received at. Square shinies only available in Sword/Shield.