Target Charizard • OT: Bullseye • ID No. 100117 • Charizard GX Tie-In 2017 Event


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 Target Charizard

OT: Bullseye • ID No. 100117

This Charizard was distributed to players via a serial code given away at Target stores across United States/North America to celebrate and promote the release of the Charizard-GX Premium Collection box. The serial codes to obtain this Pokémon Charizard GX Tie-in - Target Exclusive Distribution were valid from October 1, 2017 to February 4, 2018.


- Level 50
- Non-shiny
- Random Nature
- Random IVs
- Random Gender
- Original event moves (PP non-maxed) 


Your choice for Level, IVs, EVs, Nature, Moves, Nickname, etc. (changing fixed values such as the OT may render any event Pokémon illegal)

✅ Pokémon legality checked
✅ admissible in online battles
✅ tradable online via Link Trade (event Pokémon can't be traded through GTS and Wonder Trade)
✅ can be deposited in Pokébank

The Pokémon in this listing is/are receivable in the following game versions:
✔️Gen VII: Pokémon Sun & Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
✔️later versions

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