Ultra Shiny Poipole • OT: Ultra • ID No. 091718 • North America, Europe 2018 Event


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shiny Poipole HD animated sprite gif

Ultra Shiny Poipole

OT: Ultra • ID No. 091718

This shiny event Poipole was distributed to players of Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon via serial codes given away at GameStop stores (US), Smyths store (UK & Ireland) and codes from the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter for the rest of EU to celebrate the release of the Dragon Majesty Pin Collections—Latias and Latios.

The codes could be used to obtain this Poipole starting September 17, 2018, and valid up to October 15, 2018 (UK, Ireland) or December 20, 2018 (US, the rest of EU). The codes from the newsletter were released starting October 19, 2018 with redemption valid until December 20, 2018.

What makes this event Pokémon special?
This is the third time shiny Poipole is given as an event Pokémon. At Level 40, this event Poipole already knows the moves Nasty Plot and Poison Jab, which it normally learns at Levels 42 and 49 respectively.

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Untouched means you will obtain the Pokémon in its original build and stats, as though you have received it directly from the event distribution in its rawest form with all the nitty-gritty details as shown in the photo with the event information above.


This lets you change some modifiable stats and values of the event Pokémon to your personal liking. However, there are certain reminders to keep the event Pokémon as technically legal as possible. Click on this link on how to legally customize your desired event Pokémon.