All 11 Totem Pokemon • Battle-Ready, 6IVS, Level 100


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Totem Pokémon (Japanese: ぬしポケモン Leader Pokémon) are a type of variant Pokémon introduced in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. They are battled at the end of every trial, having been trained up by the respective Trial Captain to fulfil that role. These Pokémon appear larger and weigh approximately two to four times as much as other Pokémon of the same species.

The Totem Pokémon obtainable in the game by collecting Totem Stickers are:

Requirement Ultra Sun Ultra Moon
20 Stickers
gumshoos animated gif Gumshoos
Alolan Raticate animated gif Raticate
40 Stickers
Alolan Marowak animated gif Marowak
Araquanid animated gif Araquanid
50 Stickers
Lurantis animated gifLurantis
Salazzle animated gifSalazzle
70 Stickers
Vikavolt animated gifVikavolt
Togedemaru animated gif Togedemaru
80 Stickers
Mimikyu animated gif Mimikyu
100 Stickers
Ribombee animated gif Ribombee
Kommo-o animated gif Kommo-o


    PRE-MADE (as pictured)
    Level 100
    6 IVs (outstanding potential)
    EV-trained, battle-ready
    Competitive moveset  (maxed PP)
    Pokérus-infected for your other Pokémon's benefit
      Your choice for Level, IVs, EVs, Nature, Moves, Nickname, etc.