Vivillons • All 20 Wing Patterns, Battle-Ready, 6IVs, Level 100, Customizable


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Vivillon Wing Patterns

Vivillon ArchipelagoArchipelago Vivillon ContinentalContinental Vivillon ElegantElegant Vivillon GardenGarden
Vivillon High PlainsHigh Plains Vivillon Icy SnowIcy Snow Vivillon JungleJungle Vivillon MarineMarine
Vivillon MeadowMeadow Vivillon ModernModern Vivillon MonsoonMonsoon Vivillon OceanOcean
Vivillon PolarPolar Vivillon RiverRiver Vivillon SandstormSandstorm Vivillon SavannaSavanna
Vivillon SunSun Vivillon TundraTundra Vivillon FancyFancy Vivillon PokeballPokéball



PRE-MADE (as pictured)
  • Shiny or non-shiny
  • Level 100
  • 6IVs (Outstanding Potential)
  • EV-trained, battle-ready
  • Competitive Moveset - all Smogon builds present
  • PP all maxed
  • all Abilities included (Shield Dust, Compound Eyes, Friend Guard)
  • Pokérus-infected for your other Pokémon's benefit
  • with Egg Moves
  • If you want to customize the Level, IVs, EVs, Nature, Moves, Nickname, etc. please use the listing Any Custom Pokemon.
✅ Pokémon legality checked
✅ admissible in online battles
✅ tradable online (via Link Trade, GTS, Wonder Trade)
✅ can be deposited in Pokébank

The seller aims to deliver order/s within 24 hours (depending on the buyer's availability).


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