Pokémon Bank Hidden Ability Oranguru • Worldwide 2019 Event


$1.00 $2.00

Pokémon Bank Hidden Ability Oranguru


This event Oranguru was distributed via Mystery Gift to Pokémon Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Sun, and Moon players who accessed Pokémon Bank from March 28 to October 31, 2019

What makes this event Oranguru special?
This Oranguru, aside from the Hidden Ability, already learns Foul Play and Ally Switch, which it can only learn through the in-game Tutor.

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  • Level 50 (technically illegal if below this level)
  • Non-shiny (cannot be shiny)
  • Random Nature
  • Random Gender
  • Random IVs, AVs
  • Original event moves: Instruct, Foul Play, Trick Room, Ally Switch --> all PP non-maxed 
  • Ability: Symbiosis
  • Held Item: None
  • Ribbon: Classic


  • Your choice for Level, Nature, IVs, EVs, Moves, Date Met, Nickname, etc. (changing permanent values such as OT and the ones emphasized in parentheses above will render the event Pokémon illegal)