Suwoong Cheong's Metagross • OT: 정수웅 • ID No. 180915 • PokéFesta Tie-in South Korean 2018 Event


$1.00 $2.00

Metagross Suwoong Cheong's Metagross

OT: 정수웅 • ID No. 180915

This event Metagross, based on Suwoong Cheong's Metagross from Korean World Championships 2018, was distributed to players of Pokémon Sun & Moon and Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon via infrared at the Pokémon Pop-up Store at Lotte Department Store Jam-sil in South Korea from September 15 to 26, 2018 as PokéFesta Tie-in.



  • Level 50
  • Non-shiny (cannot be shiny)
  • Jolly Nature (cannot be altered)
  • 6IVs, 31 all
  • EV 156/108/4/0/60/180
  • Original event moves (PP non-maxed)
  • Ability: Clear Body
  • Held Item: None


  • Your choice for Level, IVs, EVs, Moves, Nickname, etc. (changing fixed values such as the OT and Ability may render any event Pokémon illegal)