Iron Defense Bagon • Pokémon Center 5th Anniversary Eggs • Japan 2003 Event


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Iron Defense Bagon

These Pokémon were distributed to players as eggs via local wireless at the Pokémon Center stores in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka from April 25 to May 18, 2003. 

What makes this event Pokémon special?
It has the move Iron Defense, a move normally cannot be learned by Bagon or any of its evolution.


- Level 5
- Non-shiny or shiny
- Random Nature
- Random IVs
- Original event moves: Rage, Bite, Iron Defense (PP non-maxed) 
- Ability: Rock Head
- No held item


- Your choice for Level, IVs, EVs, Nature, Moves, Nickname, etc. (changing fixed values such as the OT may render any event Pokémon illegal)

✅ Pokémon legality checked
✅ admissible in online battles
✅ tradable online via Link Trade (event Pokémon can't be traded through GTS and Wonder Trade)
✅ can be deposited in Pokébank

The Pokémon in this listing is/are receivable in the following game versions:
✔️Gen VI: Pokémon X & Y, Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby
✔️Gen VII: Pokémon Sun & Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
✔️later versions

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