Delay Compromise

Pokéfella aims to deliver orders within 24 hours. This is our guarantee. But human as we are and as individuals with lives outside Pokémon, some personal events (vacations, out-of-town gatherings in venues with poor Internet connection, among others) and incidents may largely affect this goal. We offer our buyers this compromise to compensate for any delays incurred by our genners.
  1. Buyer gets one free any custom Pokémon* for every 4 hours of delay after our goal of within 24 hours of delivery, or
  2. Special, personalized discount codes that the buyer may use on his/her next order/s (without minimum purchase). The amount of discount will be upon our discretion based on the gravity of the unfavorable situation brought about by the delay in the delivery of orders. 

This compromise, however, does not encompass delay of delivery due to buyer's non-availability or lack of response to our emails, chat or text messages. This compromise only applies to those whose orders were not immediately acted upon despite the constant messages by the buyer and orders that we acknowledged and followed-up thru email (with the notice that we cannot deliver the order/s immediately) yet were unfulfilled after 24 hours of order placement. This compromise is applicable only to the orders placed, and not on the free, reward Pokémon offered as part of the Discount and Rewards Program.

In any dispute because of delays, both parties (buyer and Pokéfella) shall present evidences to back-up their claims to address the problem and come up with a final decision.

*Strictly only requests in Smogon Showdown format are accepted, especially for non-singular Pokémon requests. We will only accept non-Showdown format if the number of Pokémon to claim in this compromise is only one (1). If the quantity to be redeemed under this compromise is more than one and the buyer cannot provide the request in Smogon Showdown format, the number will be halved.