Return Policy

Pokéfella - Pokémon Genning and Breeding Services generally does not offer returns for traded Pokémon. Once the ordered Pokémon has/have been genned and traded over, Pokéfella will not accept returns due to change of mind or errors in specifications on the part of the buyer.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to carefully read the listings' description before placing an order or to check the specifications of the Pokémon in the format that he/she sends.

Once an order has been placed it is the responsibility of the buyer to have an available time for trading to receive his/her order/s. If the buyer wrongly placed an order, we will refund it only when we are informed immediately after the purchase and that a new order, a correct one, has been placed. Orders tagged as "fulfilled" are considered "genned" and therefore were spent with the genner's time and effort. So please check your entire specifications for errors.

All Pokémon received by the buyer through trade should be immediately checked for correctness or non-conformity to the specification provided by the buyer. If the received Pokémon were found to have error/s on our part, the buyer should immediately inform us for corrections. We will replace the inaccurate Pokémon with the correct one as soon as possible.

Notices made after 24 hours after receiving the erroneous Pokémon will not be honored or replaced.

Inasmuch as we would like to be kind to replace Pokémon with errors on the buyer's part for free, replacing them would mean five to ten minutes, from genning them again (because getting it back from buyers for correction would mean more time), to overwriting our save files, to preparing the handhelds, to waiting for the buyer to be online for trade, and finally the trading process itself. Depending on our genners' immediate availability, we will however—for humanitarian sake—consider replacing your erroneous Pokémon only once, on your first request. Succeeding replacements will not be honored. The buyer shall be required to send back the erroneous Pokémon to be traded with the correct one our staff has genned again.

We at Pokéfella believe that time is gold and that we also have lives outside Pokémon. What minimal amount we charge (compared to other shops) is but for the time we spend to gen and trade. We would appreciate it if buyers would also respect our time by avoiding being too demanding for replacements of Pokemon that had, in the first place, errors on the buyer's part.

Thank you!