Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I have just placed an order. How and when do I receive my Pokémon?

A: You will receive your Pokémon through Link Trade. If you followed the Trade Guide carefully this should not be a problem. The most important thing to do is to always leave your Friend Code, IGN and the game version (in 3DS games) to which your order will be received at. If you however failed to do this, you will be contacted anyway through email.

Pokefella aims to deliver the order within 24 hours, provided the buyer has done its part on the communicating part. 

Q: Where shall the buyers contact Pokéfella's admin?

A: The best platform to contact Pokéfella is through Facebook Messenger so you and the genner can chat in real-time. It is discouraged that buyer relies solely on e-mail for communication as e-mails can sometimes get unreliable. You will be replied within 24 hours, or immediately if Pokéfella is online. You may not get instant personal customer support replies if Pokéfella is offline (though you may get automatic replies in Facebook Messenger.) 

Q: I haven't received my order. Why is that so?

A: There are a few times when customers, after placing the order, think the Pokémon will arrive in their doorstep because of the shipping address they provided upon checkout. Failure to understand how this trading goes and failure to communicate are the main reasons why customers are not able to receive their orders. 

Please make sure that your emails allow messages outside your usual contacts. We sometimes receive email replies that says "a custom mail flow rule created by an admin at (email provider) has blocked your message." If you think your email provider has this strict policy, please also add your mobile phone number upon checkout. 

Q: My orders didn't come after quite a long time. Do you send refunds?

A: Unfortunately refunds are done only if there was a mistake in placing an order and that you want it replaced with another. Orders are considered "genned" and therefore were spent with the genner's time and effort. Our Refund/Return Policy does not cover non-delivery due to buyer's lack of time or communication for scheduled trading.

While Pokéfella does not do such refunds, we do however offer compensation for the delays that are apparently on our end. Please refer to our Delay Compromise Policy.

Q: I received the wrong Pokémon. How do I get them replaced?

A: Please refer to our Return Policy.

Q: How many genners are there in this shop?

A: Pokéfella used to have two assistants to do the genning, but after ceasing to function as genners due to work- or school-related reasons, the shop is back to being a one-man store. The shop owner has a full-time day job so please be kind as to the swiftness of the replies in Messenger and in e-mails. However, it is guaranteed that you will receive a reply—and possibly get trading—within 24 hours.

Q: Are the Pokémon genned through here legal?

A: All Pokémon generated by Pokéfella go through legality check. When these are not legal, they can't go through Link Trade and cannot be received by the buyer. In essence, all Pokémon received through online trade such as Link Trade and GTS passed the Pokémon game system's round of legality check. Otherwise, you will know during trading that an illegal Pokémon didn't make it when your screen says "There is a problem with your trading partner's Pokémon."

Q: Why sell when these Pokémon are given for free and are distributed as giveaways in various Facebook groups?

A: Like everything you see for sale in all shops and stores, buying is a personal option. Occasionally Pokéfella do some giveaways of the Pokémon through its Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter. But as a one-man-shop as this enterprise is, giveways are limited due to time constraint. It can sometimes get taxing on the giver's part to be waiting for the giveaway recipient's availability, especially that people have other lives to live outside Pokémon.

What amount you pay for the Pokémon you desire to own is but the service charge to the genner for his time and effort of generating Pokémon (check Disclaimer) that would have taken you a much longer time and tremendous effort had you done it manually in the game relying on sheer luck to obtaining the right Nature, IVs, shininess, and all the characteristics you want in a Pokémon.

If you believe the sale of these items is contradictory to your life principles, you may resort to waiting for free giveaways in various groups. If you are not willing to shed any amount, you can still get free Pokémon though in this shop by availing the Review 1 Get 1 promo stated in our Discount and Rewards Program. You can abuse this program any way you want. It's a win-win situation.