Eclipse Shiny Necrozma • OT: 이클립스 • ID No. 191115 • Korea 2019 Event


$1.50 $2.00

 shiny Necrozma animated sprite gif

Eclipse Shiny Necrozma

OT: 이클립스 • ID No. 191115

This shiny, event Necrozma was distributed via a serial code in Korea to those who purchased Pokémon Sword and Shield Double Pack from September 27 to November 14, 2019. The serial codes could be used to redeem the Pokémon from November 15 to December 31, 2019.

What makes this event Necrozma special?
This is the very second time shiny Necrozma is made available to the game and only through event distribution such as this can a shiny be obtained.

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  • Level 75 (technically illegal if below this level)
  • Shiny (technically illegal if altered)
  • Random Nature
  • Random IVs, 0 EVs
  • Original event moves: Stealth Rock, Iron Defense, Wring Out, Prismatic Laser --> all PP non-maxed 
  • Ability: Prism Armor (technically illegal if altered)
  • Held item: none
  • Ribbon: Classic (technically illegal if altered)


  • Your choice for Level, Nature, IVs, EVs, Moves, Date Met, Nickname, etc. (changing permanent values such as OT and the ones emphasized in parentheses above will render the event Pokémon illegal)