February 2020 Pokémon HOME Legendaries & Mythicals



February 2020 Pokémon HOME Essentials

This bundle includes all the Legendaries and Mythicals that were added to Galar Dex upon the release of Pokemon Home in February 2020.

All these Pokemon are built competitively, with 6IVs and fully maximized EVs, at Level 100 -- all ready for use in battles. Please note however that as these Pokemon were obtained in previous generations and are not Galar-born or caught, they may not be usable in Ranked Battles. However, they can used in casual online battles, trades, and raids.

The twenty (20) Pokemon included in this bundle are the following. You can click on their link to check their individual builds and stats.

1. Mew
2. Mewtwo
3. Celebi
4. Jirachi*
5. Cobalion
6. Terrakion
7. Virizion
8. Reshiram
9. Zekrom
10. Kyurem
11. Keldeo*
12. Cosmog! (at Level 50)
13. Cosmoem! (at Level 99)
14. Solgaleo~
15. Lunala~
16. Necrozma~
17. Marshadow!
18. Zeraora*~
19. Meltan
20. Melmetal

~Shiny version obtainable only through events.
! Shiny version not yet available (shiny-locked).

Please note that Pokemon that are obtainable only by events cannot have their OT's changed, or they will become technically illegal. 

All shiny Pokemon will appear square shiny once received in your Pokemon Sword or Shield game.



This is the faster version of delivering all the Pokemon included in this bundle. In this method, we need that you trust us with the process of transferring the mons to your HOME account.


  1. Send us your Nintendo Online account (you can make a temporary password if your original password is dear to you).
  2. The staff assigned to your order will make a new user account on his Switch, then link your account to it.
  3. The staff will transfer all the Pokemon into your HOME account.
  4. Change your HOME account password for your security after you have checked the transfer.

Recipient must have a Premium Plan on their Pokemon Home for this service to work.


If you can't trust us your Pokemon HOME account, we can deliver all the mons to you via this method. However, this will take so much time as we need to trade the Pokemon included in this listing one by one through traditional in-game trading, hence the much higher price because of the time consumption.

If you want a build other than what is shown here, just use the listing Any Custom Pokemon